Sales Excellence Framework

Sales Excellence Framework

A proven framework to run successful sales organizations

The Sales Excellence Framework provides a common methodology for sales teams and sales supporting teams. Each block represents an area of work and responsibilities. Depending on the stage in an organization’s life cycle, industry, business model or strategic orientation, these will have different priorities.

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stop wasting money

Stop the money drain!

Investing in honing the sales skills of individuals can be expensive and time consuming especially with the high rate of sales rep turnover. Therefore, you should consider a Sales Excellence Workshop to invest in the support structure, processes and programs that will make your sales teams more successful.

Conduct a simple gap analysis

Go into each block and document:

  1. How well is your organization currently doing this work on a scale from 1 (poorly) to 5 (excellently)
  2. How important is this work for the success of your organization on a scale from 1 (not relevant) to 5 (very important)

Start a guided gap analysis to receive a free assessment, detailed report and recommendations!

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