Sales Operations

How sales operations can become the driver for operational excellence and reporting

Sales operations is a key supporting function of sales teams. Even smaller organizations with five sales reps or more can benefit from the sales operations function.

Typical functions of sales operations and related challenges include:

  • Assigning territories and accounts to optimize sales coverage
  • Configuring and managing the CRM system to report efficiently to upper management without overburdening sales reps with data entry
  • Developing effective sales compensation plans in a transparent and easily understandable way
  • Forecasting and creating projections based off data that sometimes only the sales reps know
  • Managing the administrative tasks of deal desk and tenders without being fully involved in the sales process

By participating in Sales Excellence Workshops, especially the module, Sales Ops, sales operations will learn how to:

  • Truly leverage the CRM system so it can benefit all stakeholders
  • Establish efficient processes for operational excellence
  • Measure the right KPIs for sales success
  • Report effectively to upper management
  • Support sales leaders in motivating sales reps based on critical success factors

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