Welcome to the Sales Excellence Framework

Why we are here?

The Sales Excellence Framework was created out of the challenges organizations are facing when trying to build, manage and grow sales organizations. Particularly focused on organizations that rely on a high level of operational efficiency in their sales teams, the Sales Excellence Framework creates the foundation for long term improvements and success of the sales team overall.

Daniel Hackl

The creator of the Sales Excellence Framework

Daniel Hackl’s career started in product management, moved over to product marketing, then sales enablement, to most recently sales and marketing executive positions. Having worked for organizations of all sizes, from less than five employees to more than 100,000, in different industries, he was able to see the key challenges that organizations are facing when it comes to turning investments into revenue through a direct sales and partner channel dominated go-to-market strategy.

As a First Lieutenant in the German Air Force and a recipient of the German Medal of Honor for exemplary and meritorious service of the German Federal Defense Forces, Daniel Hackl showed leadership early in his career in the support of the development of his fellow comrades. Over his career he continued to foster the development of colleagues through training, mentorship and an open attitude to new challenges and solutions.

Daniel Hackl holds two post-graduate degrees from the Carl-von-Ossietzky University of Oldenburg in Germany and the École Supérieure de Commerce Bretagne Brest in France. His broad experience, quick strategic apprehension and methodical approach has helped him to satisfy customers in very different industries from SaaS technology companies to value added resellers.

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