C-suite challenges in managing sales organizations

For a lot of C-suite members, the sales organization seems to be the hardest to manage. While other teams appear to be more controllable in terms of ROI, sales is often presented as this art of relationship building that cannot be measured and the promise of revenue growth gets pushed month by month and quarter by quarter.

Further difficulties stem from:

  • The dispersed nature of sales organizations
  • High turnover of sales reps
  • Lack of leading indicators to success

This often leads to the impression of sales working completely disjointed from other corporate functions and not following the messaging outlined by other teams like marketing. New features and products released by the product teams at increasingly faster development cycles, make it difficult for sales to keep up and properly sell the value of the product, eroding margins and losing opportunities to better organized competitors.

By participating in the Sales Excellence Workshops, especially the module Sales Alignment, the C-suite will:

  • Receive unique insights into their customer challenges
  • Align all departments to become more customer centric and sales driven
  • Agree on clear expectations, measures and reporting with sales
  • Understand sales as a science rather than an art that can be influenced by the right enablement, tools, programs and processes

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