Channel / Partner

How sales success can be multiplied through partner relationships

Good channel and partner management has an enormous potential to scale a company by working with the right partners that increase your sales footprint significantly. Unfortunately, there are challenges of an indirect sales channel because it creates an additional layer between the organization and the customer. As a result, the effectiveness of programs and measurability of outcomes could be reduced.

Typical functions of channel / partner managers and related challenges include:

  • Identifying new strategic partner relationships that increase sales outreach, often neglecting the strategic alignment with other teams like sales and marketing
  • Cultivate existing partner relationships to drive revenue but lacking the understanding of existing sales programs
  • Achieving channel sales and revenue goals without direct interaction with the customer or involvement of own organization’s sales department

By participating in Sales Excellence Workshops, especially the module Partners, channel management teams will learn how to:

  • Identify high value partners that support target market success
  • Connect partners with your sales processes and create stronger ties between your own reps and partner reps
  • Leverage your organization’s programs and enablement in the channel
  • Measure and improve partner initiatives to reach sales targets

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