Sales Enablement

How sales enablement can become a key proponent for sales velocity

Often sales enablement is purely seen as a training function for sales reps but it can be so much more. Working closest to the sales teams and leaders the enablers should truly support the improvement of sales velocity.

Typical functions of sales enablement and related challenges include:

  • Training new sales reps and keeping sales productivity up despite high turnover
  • Training sales teams on new products and features
  • Turning marketing positioning into sales pitches
  • Developing sales campaigns to increase efficiency and drive revenue

By participating in the Sales Excellence Workshops in particular the module Sales Velocity, sales enablement teams will learn how to:

  • Leverage processes to create highly repeatable outcomes that can be accelerated and scaled
  • Map the sales process against the customer’s buying process
  • Identify what skills, knowledge, and tools are required to increase sales velocity and conversion rates at each stage in the sales pipeline
  • Create, enable and measure sales campaigns for acquisition and retention
  • Establish effective onboarding so every new sales rep raises the bar

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