Product Marketing

How to close the gap between Product Marketing and Sales

Product Marketing’s role is to bring products to market. Unfortunately, many organizations experience a significant difference between product positioning – how they want people to perceive their product and organization – and what really sells.

Typical functions of product marketing and related challenges include:

  • Identifying the different buyer personas and their needs; a process where the sales team is often left out
  • Creating product launches and go-to-market plans which in many cases is hinging on understanding sales processes and incentives
  • Identify and develop value propositions, messaging and product positioning that will be published through marketing channels

By participating in Sales Excellence Workshops, especially the Module Customer, product marketing teams will learn how to:

  • Work closely with sales and sales leaders on integrated go-to-market strategies
  • Close the gap between product positioning and what actually sells
  • Improve adoption rates of new features and products leveraging account plans
  • Coordinate launches through sales enablement
  • Identify metrics to measure sales engagement in go-to-market strategies

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