Sales Leaders

How Sales leaders can create alignment across their teams

Sales leaders are under constant pressure. All departments want the attention of the sales team, while sales leaders want their reps to focus on selling. Upper management may increase sales quota in total disregard of limited resources, budget and headcount, the economic and competitive landscape. Additionally, launches of promised products or features are delayed.

Further challenges for sales leaders are:

  • An increasing part of the buying process does not involve sales anymore
  • Administrative work and reporting takes away from selling time
  • Majority of sales reps are out in the field with little to no direct supervision
  • High turnover rates plague the sales team from ever getting traction in particular regions

Sales leaders are the key to running successful sales organizations and should actively participate in all modules. By participating in the Sales Excellence Workshops, sales leaders will learn to:

  • Better align business KPIs and manage upper management’s expectations
  • Create clarity of responsibilities between sales and sales supporting functions
  • Provide structure and processes that increase sales velocity
  • Clarify expectations towards each rep to provide guidance and accountability
  • Reduce turnover with superior sales leadership, enablement and a compelling compensation program

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