Sales Excellence Workshops

How to create the foundation of sales excellence?

Where sales teams are wasting money

How much money have you spent on training your sales reps to hone their skills to close more business? Were you able to measure any significant success? Sales training is expensive and half the investment is lost due to high turnover rates.

Why are Sales Excellence Workshops different?

Instead of focusing on the individual sales reps, Sales Excellence Workshops focus on the structure, processes and programs that will support sales success independent of a specific sales individual.

This approach will lead to:

  1. Measurability – Your organization will be able to measure the impact of campaigns, sales training or any changes on key metrics like sales velocity
  2. Structural improvement – Your organization will not lose the benefits of these workshops through employee turnover as changes implemented will be ingrained into your structure and processes
  3. Repeatability – The workshops will provide the knowledge and supporting documentation to participants so that they can use the approach for new challenges

What is the format of Sales Excellence Workshops?

Workshops can be:

  • Instructional – all stakeholders visit the different modules to learn best practices and how to implement the framework into their sales organization on their own
  • Guided – a consultant will work with your teams over several weeks to guarantee a defined business outcome
  • Hybrid – at the end of an instructional workshop, teams might decide they require further insights, providing additional data to increase the overall benefits

Workshops can be focused on:

  • Aligning different teams in the sales organization, especially when building new functions like sales operations or sales enablement
  • Sales leadership and upper management aligning on a strategic plan for the quarter or year
  • A specific module as identified in a gap analysis or in the Sales Excellence Research
  • A new sales territory or market segment to test the validity of the framework before rolling it out organization wide
  • A new product or feature launch to guarantee adoption rate through a good support structure and enablement program

The level of competence and attention to detail stands out. I learned some very specific actions I can take to focus on the most important deals and rescue ones that are slipping.

Stuart Dean, cto, annex pro

Excellent sessions! For me the focus on unifying the sales process stood out.


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