Module Sales Velocity

module sales velocity

Running valuable sales programs and enabling teams to win more opportunities, more often within shorter sales cycles

With a solid structure and a measurable process in place, you can now run programs and campaigns to drive revenue which is the focus of the module Sales Velocity. Over the year, sales teams need to run several sales initiatives and campaigns. These need to be properly enabled through systems and tools to be successful. The key metric for success is sales velocity:

Sales velocity equation

In this module, you will learn to:

  • Build a portfolio of programs to increase opportunities and value
  • Create a set of facilitators to increase win rate and time to close
  • Establish cadences and activities to develop and communicate with your entire sales force
  • Keep your sales teams informed on available programs and execute them efficiently

If you are interested in a one day Sales Excellence Workshop for your organization on this module, please complete the form below!

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